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Hire full-time remote marketing professionals for as low as $2,250 per month.

We help you find high-quality marketing professionals in India, place them in our office building, manage international tax compliance, provide benefits and continual learning, and coordinate their successful interactions with your local team.  Hiring overseas was never easier.


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COVID-19 Office Update:

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are encouraging all staff to work from home until the government determines that it is safe to continue regular operations. Therefore, from now until that announcement is made we will be discounting our monthly fees by the sum of office-related expenses.

Discover Quality Staff

Meet candidates who have been screened and tested for the skillset you seek to hire. You get to meet your candidates through video chat and select the person who matches your qualifications and culture. 

Our Office Is Your Office

We provide a workspace, computer, phone line (optional), high speed internet, utilities, coffee, and more for your staff – in our office. Our floor managers encourage direct communication and productivity.

Done-For-You Tax and Legal

The hardest part of hiring an overseas employee is dealing with unknown tax laws, government mandated benefits, and company structures. We have all of that covered so you can hire quickly and legally.

Experience the Benefits of Running a Global Team

Save money on staffing costs by hiring the best remote candidates in India. 

Eager professionals are excited to work with a company like yours.

It is our mission to help you find the best employees possible while helping the most qualified candidates enjoy the rewards of working with an international organization.

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Our Commitment to Marketing Excellence

Our founders have decades of combined marketing management experience, advising multi-national companies on marketing strategy.

We provide continual education to your marketing hires so they are always on top of best practices and industry trends. 

Excellence in Staff Management

  • Rest assured that your staff will show up on time and ready to perform.
  • Your marketing team needs to keep their creative juices flowing. We have built a space that supports productivity.
  • Your team should be in regular communication with you. We have accountability managers on site who remind your staff to stay connected.
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Answers to Staffing Questions

We are in different time zones, but we want our new staff to have overlap with our local time. How do you accomplish this?

Our office building is open 24/7. During the hiring process we help you find staff whose lifestyle requirements match with your time overlap needs.

How do you make sure that our staff is on-time and productive?

IMS employs internal accountability managers. These managers keep a daily roll call to ensure staff members are in the office during scheduled timings. You also have the option of installing our productivity software on employee computers. This keeps a record of time worked, mouse activity, and takes screenshots at random intervals. 

Will I experience a language barrier?

Some native English speakers find it difficult to understand other accents. We take English literacy and communication into account during our hiring process to best fit your needs.

What about holidays?

There are a few religious holidays in India which are celebrated in full force. Those days may not align with your traditional holiday schedule, but employees expect to spend those days with family. We generally suggest that you set a fixed number of public holiday PTO days (paid-time-off) and allow your staff to choose which days they want to redeem. For example, they may take the day off for Diwali but work on Easter. Or they may take the day off for Christmas but work on New Year’s Day.

Top Positions For Hire

These skillsets are in high demand.

staff in india

PPC Specialist

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn

SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist

On-Page SEO, SEO Analysis, SEMRush

web developer

Web Developer

WordPress, Javascript, & More 


I had been searching for an opportunity to work with an international company for a long time. Thanks to IMS I have now been able to experience working with a multi-national team.

Sanath K.

Google Ads Specialst

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